Can't Replace Your Entire Desk? Try the UPLIFT Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Can't Replace Your Entire Desk? Try the UPLIFT Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 12th 2016

If you're interested in upgrading to a height-adjustable desk, but are unable to replace your existing workstation, the UPLIFT Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter is just what you're looking for. Featuring an unbeatable price and a very small footprint, this converter allows you to enjoy the many health and productivity benefits of standing, including increased energy, reduced back pain, and lowered risk of disease

If any of the following applies to you, our converter may be the answer to your sit-stand dreams:

  • You work at a cubicle with very limited desk space
  • Your desk is attached to the wall and can't be replaced with a full sit-stand desk
  • You need non-electric height adjustment
  • You're on a tight budget
  • You can't drill holes in or clamp anything onto your desktop
  • You aren't ready to commit to a full desk

At around just $200, with free shipping to the lower 48 states, the UPLIFT Standing Desk Converter is the perfect way to join the standing revolution without breaking the bank. Discounts are available on quantity orders, if you're interested in getting your whole office standing. Features include a keyboard tray for perfect typing position whether sitting or standing, an integrated grommet hole, and a counterbalance system that adjusts to the weight of your equipment. The grommet hole on the platform makes it easy to manage your wires, and the pneumatic height-adjustment lever provides simple operation: Just squeeze to lift or lower. Choose either a freestanding unit that sits directly on the desktop, or a clamp mount that installs through a grommet hole.

We want everyone to be as comfortable as possible at work, and we're pleased to provide our customers with another affordable, high-quality ergonomic product. Enjoy the renewed focus and productivity that comes from switching positions throughout the day, and see how much better you feel! is committed to giving you a healthy workplace.

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