Combat Dishonesty With an Ergonomic Standing Desk

Combat Dishonesty With an Ergonomic Standing Desk

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 2nd 2013

As standing desks continue their meteoric rise in popularity we continue to learn about their positive health benefits, emerging social trends and endorsements from celebrities and other public figures.

A new study titled “The Ergonomics of Dishonesty,” soon to be published in an upcoming issue of the journal of Psychological Science, found that sitting at a larger workspace can make people feel more powerful, in turn leading to a greater chance to act more deceptively or dishonest.

Sound a little strange? An article published in The Washington Post about the research sums it up: “... In laboratory studies, people who were asked to reach around a larger desk pad to complete a project were more likely to cheat when completing subsequent tasks than the participants who sat at smaller spaces.”

The study also focused on lab and field experiments looking into if the size of a seat in a car could effect behavior in drivers. It was found that drivers who sat in “more expansive” seats while playing a video game were more aggressive and reckless drivers. In addition, research assistants found that cars with larger drivers’ seats were more likely to be found double parked on city streets.

In essence, it’s a state of mind, influenced by your immediate surroundings that may prompt you to feel more empowered and therefore more inclined to abuse that power. While “everything’s bigger in Texas,” our desks aren’t necessarily your father’s bulky executive desks.

Our ergonomic desks continue to break the mold of the stereotypical executive. How does one of our standing desks make you feel? Last week I wrote about a trend with standing desks, where users were having a standing desk dance party. That’s a far cry from feeling overly powerful and acting dishonest.

What if your desk top was one of our unique Native Texas Solid Wood tops? Would you feel a little more calm and in touch with nature? Maybe you would feel a little more Texan? With a standing desk or treadmill desk I would at least hope you feel a little more…ergonomic. Tell us in the comments!

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