Comfortable Complexities: A New Employee Takes on the World of Ergonomics

Comfortable Complexities: A New Employee Takes on the World of Ergonomics

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 27th 2010

As a relatively new employee here at Human Solution, I like many of you out there, am awestruck by the vast array of ergonomic products we have to offer. I have been working at a desk and on a computer for a great many years and had previously thought that I was well aware of the potential pitfalls of an improperly configured workspace. But it wasn’t until I entered into our extensive training program that I realized not only the seriousness and negative implications of improper ergonomics, but also the multitude of options available to personalize your workspace in order to help maintain proper body mechanics. At the Human Solution we are very lucky to have our own in-house certified ergonomist: he’s the owner and founder, Jon Paulsen, MS, CPE - otherwise known throughout our website as Professor Ergo. It is his vision that affords me this unique opportunity to learn the various complexities of the ergonomic world. And it is some of these insights and my personal thoughts that I would choose to share with you now.

As many of you may already now, Human Solution offers an assortment of ergonomic tools to help you choose the best possible product or configuration of options for our products. Our Ergonomic Office Desk, Chair and Keyboard Height Calculator is a terrific tool for determining the base height for any of our ergonomic chairs to fit your body, as well as to help set up your work space in order to obtain the maximum benefit of proper ergonomic positioning. We also offer multiple guides, such as How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Chair which discusses in detail each of the various options for your new ergonomic chair - from headrest to mechanism. And for those of you who would still have questions or are seeking a recommendation, we also offer Product Selector Questionnaires that you can fill out for our Ergonomic Chairs, Keyboard Trays or LCD Monitor Arms, as well asErgonomic Assessment and Consulting Services.

Beyond the more standard tools to help the average health conscious customer, there are those of you out there that may suffer from a variety of medical ailments such as spinal issues or sciatica. At The Human Solution we offer a great many specialty products that you can tailor to meet your specific medical needs. The Bodybilt andNeutral Posture chairs are excellent choices to help alleviate the stress of these types of medical conditions, and we have employees who specialize in each of these brands of products as well as many others. They can help walk you through the wide variety of configurable options to meet even the most specific of medical needs or personal preferences.

With so many choices to be made regarding your ergonomic workspace, the first and foremost is a commitment to good health and proper body mechanics. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned so far while working here at the Human Solution, it is that we are committed to providing you with not only a wide array of options, but also a well trained and dedicated support staff lead by a Certified Ergonomist ready to answer your questions, make recommendations and help you make the best possible choices for your good health.

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