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Customers Get Creative with Desktops on DIY Standing Desks

Author: Human Solution | Posted:
Customer DIY top, UpLift 900 base
Trent's DIY top with our UPLIFT 3-leg sit-stand base.

A little while ago, my colleague Pete showed you our pedestal desk with a customer's beautiful DIY top. We've got another gorgeous do-it-yourself desk, this time a large L-shaped. This one was made by Trent Turk, CEO of GeoSurvey Ltd. in Marietta, Georgia. Take a look at Trent's before-and-after for some inspiration!

Before the UpLift 950
Trent's old desk: nice but not height-adjustable.
DIY top on UpLift 950 base
The desk in progress, pre-edging and pre-stain.

Trent had a nice desk to begin with, but of course it did not have any standing capabilities. So he got to work creating a top to pair with our 3-leg height-adjustable desk frame.

As you can see above, instead of a standard L-shape, Trent added a straight edge in front and some nice detail to the edges, then finished it off with a rich, glossy stain. Masterpiece!

Of building his own top, Trent says:

"It was an adventure, and I absolutely LOVE my desk now that I’ve used it for a few weeks. I love the ability to mix up my position during the day, varying from standing to sitting in a drafting chair. Best of all, I no longer have any back issues at all. I can’t stress enough how much more enjoyable my workday has become since I migrated from sitting down all day to the new desk. I make it to lunch usually without sitting down – and it doesn't even seem like a burden at all. Actually, I’m much more productive."

Trent's experience with making the transition to a sit-stand desk is on par with the enthusiastic reactions we typically hear from customers, and expresses how all of us here feel as well. It's truly a life-changer to be able to unshackle yourself from your chair.

If you've made a desktop to pair with one of our bases, we'd love to hear from you too! Send your photos to, and share your skillz.

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