DIY Customer Testimonial - UPLIFT 970 Pedestal Standing Desk

DIY Customer Testimonial - UPLIFT 970 Pedestal Standing Desk

Posted by Pete A on Mar 3rd 2014

That's a fine looking desk!

UPLIFT height adjustable standing desks are commonly sold with one of our locally made, beautiful native wood tops or our high quality laminates, but did you know that you can purchase the base and frame only, and add your own top? This is especially convenient if you have an existing desktop that you want to use and the UPLIFT 900 telescoping frame can fit desktops of nearly any size.

Still, there are those that take this a step further, people that look at a standard desktop and say, "Dude, that is so boring! There is no way I am sitting at that lifeless thing everyday." Well, if you are one of those people you are probably creative, smart and very witty - Common characteristics of our customers.

Take local creative legend Marty from Ft.Worth, Texas for example. He was nice enough to share his UPLIFT 970 adjustable standing desk base journey with us:

Looking good Marty!

"...My quest for an UPLIFT desk started when I saw a co-worker with his laptop set on top of boxes. I thought there must be a more elegant solution than cardboard boxes and started researching stand-up desks. I looked at fixed desks and drafting tables. I found Human Solution and looked at the various offerings.

The full size desk was tempting but my office arrangement is more suitable for a pedestal UPLIFT desk. The pedestal offers a generous lifting capacity. I wanted something more than a laminate top. I knew that there was a shop that made table tops, desks and mantels out of reclaimed trees. I paid [them] a visit and found the particular top that was the right size.

The wood is red oak and although not native to Texas, it is commonly used in furniture making. The top required finishing and had to be planed to uniform thickness. Since it is a section of a tree, there is a naturally radiused edge that works great. This particular piece still had the bark attached, and when I saw this, knew it was the top for my project. The top is finished with polyurethane and the underside is epoxy. The top was easy to attach with the supplied hardware. Red oak is very hard, so I put the desktop upside down on a padded surface and drilled pilot holes for the screws.

It was then a simple matter of attaching the top with the screws. When I purchased the pedestal base, I also got a monitor arm too and would really recommend one as when standing you really need the extra height that the arm provides. Also, when the desk is lowered the monitor arm allows for a more ergonomic position. As a side note, the monitor arm is great for situations where you need to show a co-worker something on your screen. You just pivot it over."

And there you have it, with a little ingenuity you can give that desk some pizzazz. Thanks for your help in spreading the good word Marty!

If you want to be like Marty, or have any questions about how to your own top to an UPLIFT desk, be sure to contact us at 1-800-531-3746 and we will be happy to help.

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