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Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Discontinued: Try Uplift 970 Pedestal Desk or Computer TaskMate Instead

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

The Ergo Desktop Kangaroo sits on your desk and helps you go from a sitting to standing position while working. The Kangaroo models are now discontinued, but Human Solution offers some excellent alternatives, including one that allows you to have the convenience of your whole desk moving effortlessly to the correct standing and sitting height. If you’re looking for a great, value-priced sit-stand workstation, take a look at the UPLIFT 970 Electric Sit-Stand Pedestal Desk, the UPLIFT 970 Electric Sit-Stand Pedestal Desk with Curved Top, and the Health Postures Computer TaskMate.

These solutions offer easy-to-use sit-stand functionality at a great price for budget-minded users looking to make their office or workspace more ergonomic. The UPLIFT 970 is a complete desk unit that rises to standing height using a quiet electric motor. The TaskMate is a unit that sits on your desk to raise your monitor and keyboard to a comfortable standing height.

Read on to learn more about these economical adjustable height workstations.The UPLIFT 970 Desk is also available with a curved top.

  • UPLIFT 970 Electric Sit-Stand Pedestal Desk , and the UPLIFT 970 Electric Sit-Stand Pedestal Desk with Curved Top – Part of the ergonomic desk series recommended by The Human Solution, the UPLIFT 970 desks are slim and simple sit-stand desks designed to help you access the many benefits of an adjustable height workstation – increased energy and productivity, reduced back pain, better blood flow, and more calories burned throughout the day. These electric adjustable height desks allow you to go from a sitting to a standing working position with the push of a button. The clean-looking laminate desktop is available in three different colors, making this one of the most versatile yet affordable sit-stand solutions on the market. The efficient UPLIFT 970 can also be used with a monitor arm and keyboard tray for maximum ergonomic benefit. And here’s some more good news: they starts at $539 - a great value for an ergonomist-approved electric sit-stand desk.

  • Health Postures Computer TaskMate – Maybe you’re not in a position to replace your current desk, but you are looking for a sit-stand solution. We recommend the Health Postures Computer TaskMate. Much like the Ergo Desktop Kangaroo, the TaskMate sits on top of your desk and lifts your computer monitor and keyboard to a comfortable standing position. Unlike the Kangaroo, the TaskMate is an electric adjustable height system that lifts your monitor and keyboard tray to your desired standing height with the push of a button, helping you combat technology-induced inactivity.

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