The Fit Motion Board by UPLIFT Desk: Letting Users Fine-Tune Their Tilt Levels Since 2018

The Fit Motion Board by UPLIFT Desk: Letting Users Fine-Tune Their Tilt Levels Since 2018

Posted by Mandy Spivey on Oct 25th 2018

Motion is important for staying healthy and productive at work, but when your job centers around working at a desk with limited space or with a computer for many hours a day, you might be struggling with what types of accessories properly fit in with your work style. And even though we love movement, not all tasks are easy to do while you're rocking away at full tilt. There...I said it.

Tasks like writing, typing, and drafting require a certain level of precision, with too much movement being the adversary of detailed work. Yet, there are products that traverse this fine line, able to provide moving experiences that let you move and work. Free yourself from being stuck in one place from too long and work with just the right level of tilt on the Fit Motion Board by UPLIFT Desk, the standing desk manufacturer's newest motion board offering to boost circulation and improve focus. 

The Features

Terrain: Carpeted for Comfort

One of our favorite features about the Fit Motion Board is the softly-supportive carpeted upper surface. It helps your feet get better traction when standing, it adds an extra layer of anti-fatigue support to your board, and it feels really amazing when you use it without shoes (and even better if you're sock-less).

If you find other balance boards feel too hard under your feet, this board is a great solution to get you balancing, tilting, rocking, and swiveling with a little extra carpeted support up top.

Storage: Easily Done Via Heel Grab

A product is not well-designed these days unless it takes into consideration the subject of storage. And the designers at UPLIFT Desk wasted no time getting down to business when it came to creating a balance board that is quick and easy to store. 

Not only does the Fit Motion board take up minimal space (just 2.4" thick at it's highest point, perfect for slipping in between your workstation and file cabinets), but it is easy to slide out of the way, too. This is thanks to a new built-in heel grab on the back of the board, which lets you slip your heel into the nook and conveniently move the board without having to fold in half to do it. This saves you time and is better on your body than stopping work and making sudden reaching movements all the way down to the floor.

Adjustments: Change Your Tilt - From 8 to 5 Degrees

If you've shied away from adopting a balance board into your daily routine because your job makes it hard to move and task simultaneously, don't give up just yet - try a little less tilt on for size. The Fit Motion Board by UPLIFT Desk makes it possible to change the tilt angle from a steep 8 degrees to a less angled 5 degrees, all you have to do is screw in a few rubber bumpers underneath. After this quick assembly, you'll be on your way to more energizing motion at the tilt level of your choosing.

Not quite what you're looking for? UPLIFT Desk has a growing collection of balance boards to get you moving, like the Bamboo Motion-X Board, the E7 Motion Board, and the E3 Motion Board! Check back soon to read more about little changes you can make that add up to a healthy lifestyle at work and at home on the Human Solution blog!

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