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Get Control

Posted by Tyler R on Sep 14th 2016

Mankind has come a long way since the days of the wheel. When was the last time you lit a candle in your house for lighting rather than to produce a waxy, new agey smell? Not that I’m knocking the waxy, new agey smell, as it’s one of my favorites. But I digress. Most people nowadays are flipping electrical switches for their lighting needs and loving it. So why not add that convenience to a height-adjustable standing desk?

Well, we did. The UPLIFT Height Adjustable Standing Desk does not use anything as mundane as a crank or pneumatic lift. It uses electricity, the most simple and elegant of energies. And rather than being controlled by a cumbersome hand crank or shifty paddle, the UPLIFT uses a keypad. So light, so simple, so… modern. Your UPLIFT Keypad even comes in two versions, the standard up/down switch or the advanced digital memory version, whichever one strikes your fancy. Just so you know though, there are a couple of reasons to get one over the other.

So what do the two keypad brothers have in common? Well, they both control your desk height. To do that, they have two very nifty and very self-explanatory buttons. One has an up arrow, and one has a down arrow, and when you press and hold one, the desk’s height adjusts in the indicated direction. Pretty straight forward so far, no?

But the Advanced Digital Memory Keypad comes with a few more features of the advanced and digital variety, the most obvious being the digital display, showing you just how high your desk is sitting currently. It’s very useful for precision adjustments, getting you to just the right height for your needs. If you’re looking at the pictures, you’re probably noticing that the Advanced Digital Memory Keypad also has four funny little number buttons and an M button. Those can be used to program heights to your desk, just in case you have a few favorites that you would like to save. Simply adjust your desk to the desired height, made easier with the digital height read-out, hit the “M” button, and then hit the number that you would like to save the height to.

After that, you need only press the number to which your desired height is set. With three- and four-legged UPLIFT Desk models, you will need to hold the preset number button down as a safety feature. The desk will stop at the saved height, and you can release the button. For the lighter two-legged model of the UPLIFT Desk, users also have access to the ever-so-convenient one-touch feature. With this feature, it isn’t necessary to hold the buttons down. You simply need to press them once, and your desk will adjust to the programmed height in seconds on its own.

While most people are taking advantage of our more technologically advanced keypad, we recognize that some prefer the simplicity of the basic Up and Down switch, which is why we offer both options. The UPLIFT Desk is, after all, “Your desk. Your design."

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