Get Ergonomic to Find 'The Perfect Workspace'

Get Ergonomic to Find 'The Perfect Workspace'

Posted by Human Solution on Aug 16th 2013

What is “the perfect workspace?” How do you create it? Does it even exist? And what makes it so perfect?

Those are the questions I asked myself when I came across an article called “The Perfect Workspace (According to Science)” on 99u. The article doesn’t exactly offer any blueprints for how to build or design the perfect workspace. Instead, it cites several findings in the disciplines of psychology and neuroscience about what makes for a healthier and more productive working environment.

The findings weren’t new to us – we’re pros when it comes to helping people make their workspace as healthy and productive as possible. But the findings are worth discussing, and it’s interesting to note that one study found that taking ownership of your workspace was linked to improved productivity.

Not everyone is given the chance to take ownership of their workplace and arrange their offices or cubicles using the kind of office furniture and other tools they prefer. But more and more corporations are realizing that allowing employees to outfit their workspaces with more personal touches can help them feel healthier and more productive, and we’ve heard from several people who say the companies they work for are embracing ergonomics and allowing them to install adjustable height standing desks and treadmill desks in their corporate offices and cubicles.

We’ve discussed the health and productivity benefits of standing desks and treadmill desks before, and it make sense that more people who work in corporate offices are choosing to install these ergonomic tools, which can help boost productivity, burn calories, eliminate back pain, and even improve mood and focus. For more and more people, an office with a standing desk or a treadmill desk has become the perfect workspace.

But what else can make your workspace more “perfect” for you? The 99u article suggest choosing color schemes like blue and green, which have been shown to help enhance brainstorming, and making good use of lighting and plants, which can help you de-stress a work and even lower pollution levels.

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