How can you buy an ergonomic chair without trying it?

How can you buy an ergonomic chair without trying it?

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 23rd 2010

If I had a quarter for every time I’ve heard that since starting at HS, I could be sitting in my own Humanscale Liberty chair right now. And frankly, I don’t blame the people who have said it to me. An ergonomic office chair is a significant purchase for people. Due to the diversity of options out there, it makes sense to test it out first, right?

In short, the type of “test” you are likely to get in a showroom is of limited utility. It is possible to rule out an ergonomic chair in two minutes of sitting in it. However, it is not possible to rule it in. The way a chair feels after an hour, two hours, or ten hours is not something one can discern from a few seconds or minutes of sitting in a chair. Since that is the way chairs are used in real life, a couple minutes of “testing” do not give a very useful standard to choose a chair. So what to do?

Expert guidance is a huge help in making a complex decision. Here at Human Solution, our entire customer service staff is personally trained in fitting chairs to users by our founder, Jon Paulsen, Certified Professional Ergonomist. We take into account your physical dimensions, pain issues, feature requests and budget to pinpoint the best chair for you. We use our products every day, so we speak from experience. Our recommendations are very successful, with a high rate of customer satisfaction and a low rate of returns. Speaking of which, we have a fair, generous return policy for a dealer of custom furniture. This is because we stand by the quality of our guidance and have a commitment to customer satisfaction.

We know it takes trust to put your comfort in our hands. Our expertise in meeting individual customer needs qualifies us to recommend just the right ergonomic desk chair for you, though. To give us a try, fill out our online chair selector tool or just call 800-531-3746.

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