How the Evoluent Vertical Mouse Can Help Relieve Pain and Stress

How the Evoluent Vertical Mouse Can Help Relieve Pain and Stress

Posted by Pete A on Sep 5th 2013

The Evoluent mouse has has been a popular pick among customers as well as the staff here since my early days here at Human Solution. But to be honest, it took me a while to warm up to the mouse for a few reasons: 1.) There is this guy who sits next to me at work named Derek who uses one, and he thinks he's so cool and modern, and there's no way I was gonna be a hipster like him. 2.) You know what, it just looks weird, alright? 3.) I've been using my standard Dell mouse for a while now, and it's been working just fine, thank you very much.

But after working at a computer for long hours every day for months, I noticed that I was experiencing pain in my mousing wrist. So this is how I was persuaded to give the Evoluent VM4RW Mouse a shot. By letting some reservations go (and finally getting rid of Derek).

The most important characteristic of this vertical ergonomic mouse design is the way it encourages the user into a neutral arm position while using the mouse. My traditional mouse forced my forearm to twist into an unnatural, uncomfortable position. The Evoluent promotes a natural grip, much like a handshake. This allows the forearm bones to be parallel with each other, and that can greatly reduce the pain and discomfort that many people experience using a standard computer mouse.

The Evoluent Mouse also features a convenient flange for your pinky finger to rest and relax while mousing.

Not only does the Evoluent design offer you a healthier wrist position, it also has six programmable buttons, making it easy to customize. The pointer speed buttons are also conveniently located on the side, and can adjust to 4 different speeds without changing your grip. To top it off, these suckers are plug and play, making it a great mouse to use on different computers.

Human Solution offers five different models of Evoluent Mouse: the Standard Wired Right Handed VM4R, the Left Handed Wired VM4L, the Wireless Right Handed VM4RW, the Right Handed Wireless Bluetooth VM4RB, and the Small Size Right Handed Wired VM4S.

There you have it, from the man himself, and not some know it all like Derek who thinks that he's better than me because he owns vinyl albums. So if you are feeling some some wrist pain, or if you are just ready to try something new, you may want to try the Evoluent mouse, I'm glad I did. Just be sure to get one soon, because they are becoming pretty popular, and it'll be totally lame and mainstream to get one after everyone else already has.

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