I Want to Ride My Bicycle: The E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike by UPLIFT Desk

I Want to Ride My Bicycle: The E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike by UPLIFT Desk

Posted by Tyler Reinhardt on Jan 10th 2018

Freddy Mercury had the right idea when he extolled the virtues of the humble bicycle. It’s a marvelous contraption that most people have fond memories of. Falling off, climbing back on, and falling off again until that one day where everything clicked and all of a sudden you could zoom around to all sorts of places. The bicycle was and still is more than a mode of transportation. It’s a great workout as well as a great means of getting around. Imagine if, during your time slogging through your daily 9-5, you could enjoy all of the health benefits of riding a bike without having to leave your desk. Thankfully you don’t have to try imagining too hard since that very thing is a possibility with the E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike by UPLIFT Desk.

Anyone familiar with a traditional bike already knows how the E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike works. Nothing’s really different about the mechanics other than the fact that this piece of equipment lacks the means to take you from a literal point A to point B. However, it will take you places. And by that we mean a much healthier you. It’s a journey of 1,000 steps but using an under desk bike, you may find those steps to be a lot more enjoyable. If you find that pedaling your way through the day is a little too easy the UPLIFT Under Desk Bike allows you to fine-tune resistance using the handy tension dial located below the seat and just a bit back from the LCD display.

Speaking of the LCD display, there’s a lot of functionality there. You can view the timer function, your speed in mph, distance pedaled, calories burned, an odometer to show you your overall mileage over multiple sessions, your revolutions per minute, and lastly, your pulse. Under the display is a mode key which allows you to switch between all of these functions and also reset the odometer, should you so choose. Since the bike is made to enhance your workstation ergonomics, it of course also comes with a few small adjustments to make your “ride” more comfortable such as back height and seat height adjustments and an adjustable foot strap on each pedal to keep your feet from sliding off. 

The bike's adjustable back height and a wider seat cushion make it suitable for more body types, so you can share it with your office neighbor when they start to get jealous of all of the health benefits you're getting.

The last notable feature that will no doubt excite those with limited office space is that the E3 Under Desk Exercise bike is highly portable and folds up for easy storage to save space. Just fold it up when you need it out of the way and unfold when you’re ready for your next adventure in stationary cycling!

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