In the Studio with the UPLIFT Desk

In the Studio with the UPLIFT Desk

Posted by Ryan O on Apr 30th 2015

When I first became the photographer here at Human Solution, I didn't think much about having a fully-outfitted standing desk to use in the studio. I still had my sit-stand desk in the office, and since I wasn’t planning on working in the studio for long intervals anyway, having an old desk at a fixed standing height didn’t seem like much of an issue. Boy was I wrong.

I found myself running back and forth between the camera and the computer when I was checking images, and if I needed to bring the desk closer to me, I had to drag it around to get it where I needed it. It seemed like this desk was always in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it started to become an inconvenience, so I decided to make a change. After all, I am working for an ergonomic furniture company!

I decided to set up a 48 x 30 inch UPLIFT Desk with an UPLIFT Dual Monitor Arm. I was so happy I did so! I found that I could move the desk around on casters in order to get it in just the right position for the various camera angles, and I could even adjust the height of the desk between set ups, so if I was on a ladder, I could bring the desktop a little closer to me. Not only that, I could also lower the desk so I could still use it when I had the tripod at its lowest position. No longer having to crouch and then stand between shots, made things so much more comfortable.

Since I wasn't using the keyboard or mouse for any extended period of time, I thought I could get away with a plain ole' desk, but after getting the UPLIFT desk, I found myself using it more often, and figuring out new ways to use it, to increase my productivity even more.

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