Guest Post: UPLIFT Desk in the Recording Studio by Dan Benjamin, founder of 5by5

Guest Post: UPLIFT Desk in the Recording Studio by Dan Benjamin, founder of 5by5

Posted by Human Solution on Apr 15th 2015

HS is thrilled to welcome Dan Benjamin, the founder of to our blog! He wanted to share his experience switching his workstation over to an UPLIFT Sit-Stand Desk!

Many people who've listened to my shows on 5by5 over the years know that I often stand while working. In fact, I typically stand for about 8 to 10 hours a day, and I have for years. There are still times, though, when I like to sit down to work as well. And to maximize space, I've been using a sit/stand desk for a while now. It's been tough for me to find a sit/stand desk I liked, though, because I use two monitors, a laptop, and an iMac throughout the day. I also like room for writing and drawing, which are a part of my thinking and development process. Fortunately, the UPLIFT desk has been the perfect solution for me. I have one UPLIFT desk as my workstation and another in our audio recording studio. From there, I can run the entire studio, sitting or standing, and it's great.

I began working while standing up a few years ago to help alleviate a back issue I was having, caused primarily from sitting too long with bad posture in an unsuitable chair. Sure, I was in decent shape, stretching and running 3.5k every other day. But back muscles aren’t meant to be frozen in an unnatural, hunching, curving position for an extended period of time, even in a good chair. Eventually, these muscles can just give out. The many hours I was spending at the desk (without paying attention to my posture), combined with an overzealous weekend-warrior-style yard project, took their toll on my back, and I wound up having to make a change while things healed up. This wasn’t the first time I’d had back issues either, and I knew I had to make a longer lasting change.

There are so many adjustable-height sit/stand desks available, across a wide swath of prices. It can be somewhat intimidating to try and choose the right one. I had some pretty specific requirements, and fortunately, Human Solution has that covered. They were able to make me the desk I'd always dreamed of, an L-shaped desk, 72-inches long on each side, with a dark, laminate top. And not only could they customize the desk, but the quality of the materials they used, the assembly process, and the operation of the desk is the best bar none.

When I do sit at the desk, I use a balance ball, and I’m happy to say that it has changed everything about how I sit, work, and move. It has also significantly improved my posture and flexibility and strengthened my back. I can now sit as often as I need to on a balance ball, something I couldn’t do without discomfort or pain in a regular chair.

An added benefit: I’ve read that you can burn up to 350 calories a day by standing, or by sitting on a balance ball instead of a chair. I’m not sure if this is true (I’m not trying to lose weight), but my back certainly feels much better.

At first, when you transition to a standing desk, you may have a few challenges. Your upper back or legs might hurt at first (mine did). This is because standing (or sitting on a ball) forces your back into a good position with good posture -- maybe for the first time -- and the muscles in your legs and back are now having to work to support your body rather than relying on a chair to do this for them. No more slouching. But you might find, as I did, that your lower back will probably stop hurting. This is because it’s finally being allowed to assume the natural inward curve it’s designed for (hence the so-called lumbar support found on many chairs, to try and push you into this position).

Your legs may feel tired at the end of the day. They’re working now all day too, but you'll very quickly find the benefits are worth the initial challenge. I really hope that this article is useful to you, especially if you suffer from back-related issues. And I know if you have any questions, the awesome folks at Human Solution will be able to answer your questions, just like they did for me.

Make the switch to a sit-stand desk today at

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