Stand Up, Sit Down, Get Creative

Stand Up, Sit Down, Get Creative

Posted by Tyler R on Apr 9th 2015

When I was a young lad I was told not to watch certain movies in my parents’ collection. Apparently, if it wasn’t Disney, it wasn’t appropriate. Little me had a bit of a problem with the lockdown on movies and my parents, bless their souls, couldn’t stay awake forever. After I was sure that mom and dad were sleeping, I’d often sneak down to the living room, put in the movie of choice, and turn the television volume down to where it was just audible enough for me to hear. This is where I acquired my cinematic tastes and built a healthy love for a good movie.

I remember one of my favorite franchises was the Underworld series from Lakeshore Entertainment. These movies created a story and lore that blended all of my favorite things. Dark themes, vampires, werewolves, and some nuance mixed with loads of action.These stories and characters have to be born from somewhere. Some are born in meeting rooms as a group of writers sit around a table tossing around ideas. Sometimes, quite often in fact, these ideas come to people as they stand in the shower trying to wash off the grogginess from last night’s sleep. And then there are some ideas that will come to a creative mind as they walk about, tending to their daily business and interacting with the world. Lakeshore Entertainment, the creators of this wonderful franchise, recently bought some new equipment to make those epiphany sparking changes in perception that much easier. Welcome to the world of sit-stand desks, and the creative flow that comes with the UPLIFT 900.

Their new UPLIFT electric standing desk has the ability to seamlessly change it's height to fit a creative mind's new perspective without interrupting the creative flow. All it takes is the push of a button. And should those creatives at Lakeshore find a perspective that maximizes their creative output, they can save it as a preset on the UPLIFT's easy-to-use keypad console. Congratulations on breaking the constraints of the garden variety sitting desk guys! Now you have a desk that's nearly as versatile as your imagination. Secretly I’m hoping one of you gets inspired to do another Underworld movie.

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