Introducing the Focal Mobis Seat

Introducing the Focal Mobis Seat

Posted by Will M on Mar 21st 2014

Only a few days after designer Martin Keen graced Human Solution with his presence last week, we’re happy to announce the launch of a brand new Focal product: the Focal Mobis Seat. A sort of “grab-and-go” version of the iconic Focal Locus Seat, the Mobis is a light and compact standing desk chair that encourages movement and activity with its rotating and tilting stool.

The chair features a smaller 16” diameter eclipse-shaped base, and, at only 15 lbs., the Focal Mobis Seat is perfect for taking with you around the office for anywhere you may need an upright seating solution. Want to stop over at a co-worker’s desk for a quick collaboration? Bring the Mobis along to stimulate energy and brain activity while you work together. Or bring the whole office together for a quick impromptu meeting by outfitting the office or conference room with Mobis Seats. Your blood will flow better, and so will the ideas!

The Mobis Stool is similar to other active seating solutions such as the Muvman, yet with more height range and tilt, and a more comfortable, contoured seat pan. The Mobis Seat rotates a full 360 degrees, and the leg flexes 6 degrees in all directions. It’s designed as a dynamic extension of your body – keeping you in a relaxed position as it pivots and leans in response to your body and its movement.

Our bodies weren’t meant for sitting statically all day, and standing all day is just as bad. The Mobis finds the “sweet spot” between these two, and adds movement to keep your body active, your blood flowing and your brain stimulated. To use the Mobis, you just stand up, raise the seat pan with the pneumatic lift handles, lean into the seat cushion, and use your body’s natural dynamics to find the height and angle comfortable for you. Your body will find its most relaxed upright position, and, as you move, the Mobis moves with you.

The Mobis works great with a height-adjustable standing desk as well. Since we got one in the office last week, it’s been a battle between all of us for who gets to use it with their UPLIFT desk next. They are available for pre-order now, and are expected to start shipping on or about June 15, 2014, so get your order in today to be one of the first to have this unique active stool at your workstation.

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