Introducing the Swopper Air

Introducing the Swopper Air

Posted by Human Solution on Mar 5th 2014

There's a new member of the Swopper family, and it takes this popular stool to a new level of comfort and style. You may already be familiar with the ergonomic benefits of this unique stool, which specializes in "active seating." The bouncing and rocking engages and strengthens your core muscles, which can help with overall musculoskeletal pain.

Being able to move while seated also improves circulation, energy, and productivity. The Swopper is a particularly good solution for lower back pain, as the seating position encourages the spine's natural lumbar curve and takes pressure off the discs. The movement also stimulates spinal fluid, keeping your joints flexible and healthy. In fact, the Swopper was developed by an osteopath, specifically for people with low back pain.

Now you can enjoy all this and more with the new Swopper Air. The seat features 3DEA high-tech cushions, also known as "spacer fabric." This allows for heat regulation and provides for softer cushioning and evenly-distributed pressure. If you're using your Swopper for several hours throughout the day, this extra comfort is especially welcome. The Air comes with the same great options as the other Swoppers, including casters and back support.

If you've used an exercise ball as a chair and had good luck with that, you'll love upgrading to the Swopper Air. Seriously, why just sit when you can bounce?!

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