Introducing the UPLIFT Modesty Panel!

Introducing the UPLIFT Modesty Panel!

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 16th 2015

While switching to a sit-stand desk like the UPLIFT Desk is bound to offer improvements to your health and productivity, the minimalist design necessitated by the height-adjustable nature of the desk resulted in the removal of the classic front side modesty panel seen on many traditional desks. Luckily, the UPLIFT Modesty Panel is available to solve all your privacy woes (and organize your desk's wires while you're at it!).

The UPLIFT Modesty Panel consists of a simple opaque mesh and nylon panel that attaches to the underside of your desktop using a series of mounting clips drilled into the desk. A rigid metal frame snaps into the clips and keeps the panel stable during up and down movement. The back side of the panel features a mesh "pocket" that can be opened or closed using Velcro, letting you place any loose cables that aren't already running through your UPLIFT Advanced Wire Management Kit inside to keep them secure and out of sight. Best of all, the panel itself only requires 1.25" of space under the desk to install, and is available in 48", 60", and 72" widths, making it a perfect match for many of our standard-sized UPLIFT two-, three- and four-leg adjustable height desks.

Still need help finding a wire management solution that fits your needs or have questions about the UPLIFT Modesty Panel? Feel free to contact one of our ergonomic experts, either online via chat or at 1-800-531-3746.

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