Accessorize or Die: Desk Accessories That Nobody Should Live Without!

Accessorize or Die: Desk Accessories That Nobody Should Live Without!

Posted by Human Solution on Dec 2nd 2014

Setting up the perfect ergonomic desk can be a complicated process. There are many products to choose from that provide more comfort and advanced adjustments. We are here to help you make the best decision for your needs, so as you read and look around, feel free to reach out to us if you'd like us to recommend the most popular configurations.

There are some accessories we recommend regardless of body type or preferences, simply because they provide more versatility overall to any given office:

  • UPLIFT Standing Desk Mat: Anti-fatigue mats are so much more comfortable to stand on over regular carpet or hard floors. If you want to increase your standing time, and make the standing experience lower impact, a standing desk mat is a perfect choice.
  • UPLIFT Dual Monitor Arm: Monitors that just sit on the desk or are attached to a minimally adjustable stand are likely going to cause you to hunch, lean and strain your eyes. Monitor arms free your monitors from the desk and offer height and angle adjustments. An adjustable desk provides the most radical change from a traditional office set-up, but a monitor arm in conjunction with an adjustable desk allows you to separate the height of your desk from the level at which you look at your screen. Monitor arms also free up desk space, so you can access more surface area.
  • Evoluent Vertical Mouse: This mouse is the best vertical mouse on the market; it encourages your arm to be in a neutral position as you mouse, which helps avoid injuries like carpel tunnel. There can be a slight learning curve to this mouse, as it will feel different than a traditional mouse - but most people get used to the change after a week of use.
  • UPLIFT Large Keyboard Tray: Keyboard trays offer the the option of separating the height of your desk from the level at which you want to type. They also offer angle adjustments if you are wanting to position your wrists at a more neutral angle as you type and mouse - a keyboard tray gives you that option.

Consider these accessories if your budget and space allow. Do you have questions about how to get them set up with your particular desk? Give us a call: 800.531.3746. We'd love to share our personal experiences with these products, our (mostly) unbiased opinions, and specification knowledge to help best inform you on your choices!

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