Introducing the UPLIFT Motion Stool

Introducing the UPLIFT Motion Stool

Posted by Human Solution on Mar 30th 2016

In keeping with our mission to provide high-quality, well-designed ergonomic products at reasonable prices, we're pleased to introduce the latest in the UPLIFT line of height-adjustable desk accessories: The UPLIFT Motion Stool. It's the perfect companion to your UPLIFT sit-stand desk, giving you the option to comfortably sit or perch when you want a break from standing. Perching or leaning on the UPLIFT Motion Stool promotes the optimal open hip angle of 130° - 135°, keeping you fully supported in a healthy ergonomic posture. The weighted convex base provides excellent stability and maintains your center of gravity, allowing you to freely rock, twist, and sway, for all the benefits of active sitting.

What exactly is active sitting? Unlike standard office chairs, which don't allow for much, if any, movement, active sitting on the UPLIFT Motion Stool promotes muscle engagement as you sit or perch. The "perching" open-hip angle activates core muscles and keeps a natural curve in your spine, relieving the disc pressure that often occurs with traditional chairs. Active seating also naturally encourages good posture, which helps prevent and alleviate back and neck pain. With the UPLIFT Motion Stool, you can wobble, sway, and rock in any direction, keeping your blood circulating and your muscles moving. The treaded rubber molding on the base means you stay firmly in place while enjoying a full range of motion, whether you're perching or sitting. The breathable fabric seat, available in blue or black, is comfortably padded and features a waterfall edge to reduce pressure points.

With a full 10" of height adjustment and a 300-lb weight capacity, the UPLIFT Motion Stool will work well for both petite and tall users. The underside of the seat features three easy-push buttons to quickly raise or lower the seat. No need to fumble around looking for the height adjustment lever; simply press any of the three buttons, and you're in business.

The UPLIFT Motion Stool is value-priced at just $149, and is currently available for pre-order, shipping in May. See what a difference active seating can make in your health and comfort!

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