See the UPLIFT Standing Desk Converter in Action

See the UPLIFT Standing Desk Converter in Action

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 24th 2016

A few weeks ago, we introduced our new height-adjustable standing desk converter, which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of alternating postures at work, without the need to replace your entire desk. We've created the video above to show you how easy it is to adjust the converter from a sitting to standing position.There are several features that set our converter apart from others you may have seen. First, we give you the option of setting your keyboard platform below the desk surface, to allow you to bring your keyboard to your lap for comfortable ergonomic typing. On other converters, your only option is to have your keyboard platform at the same level as your desk, eliminating the ability to bring your work closer to you. Of course, if you prefer to have your keyboard at desk level, you can assemble the UPLIFT converter that way as well.

There are two mounting options for your converter. You can set it directly on your desktop with the freestanding mount. The small footprint means it is compatible with any existing worksurface, and the weighted base keeps the converter completely stable. If you prefer, you can select the clamp mount, which will allow you to attach the unit to your desktop through a grommet hole. For the clamp mount, you'll need a worksurface between 23.5" - 31.5" deep.

The converter uses a pneumatic adjustment, so you don't need access to an electrical outlet. Just squeeze the adjustment lever, which can be mounted on either the left or right side, and raise and lower to your ideal position. Weight capacity is 29 pounds, so you can add a single or dual monitor arm as well; just be mindful of your monitors' weights so you stay inside the range. If you're getting a single arm, your monitor must weigh between 4.5 - 17.5 pounds. For a dual arm, your monitors must weigh less than 5 pounds each.

At just $219, the UPLIFT Standing Desk Converter is an amazing value, with no need to compromise on features and quality. Give us a call or chat with us if you have any questions on the many ways standing can improve your work life and your overall health. Join the UPLIFT revolution! has several affordable options to get you on your feet.

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