Join the UPLIFT Desk Hall of Fame!

Join the UPLIFT Desk Hall of Fame!

Posted by Human Solution on Mar 18th 2014

I'm sure you've heard it from a coworker before: "A standing desk? That's so weird!"

While it's true that standing desks are still fairly uncommon and thus "weird" to most people, they're far from an unproven concept. In fact, our UPLIFT Desk was recently recognized by both the Los Angeles Times and Lifehacker as a great way to help encourage a healthy mix of sitting and standing postures at work. Still, compared to the old-fashioned 30" tall sitting desk, sit-stand desks are weird, aren't they?

Not anymore! When you purchase an UPLIFT Desk, you become part of an ever-growing group of people who have decided to join the standing desk revolution. Academic powerhouses like MIT, government agencies such as the Department of Energy, and business giants including Google, Intel, Boeing, and many more have all chosen UPLIFT Desks for their company. By using a sit-stand desk, these organizations are not only helping their workforce stay comfortable, but also helping them to improve their health and focus, reducing healthcare costs while increasing efficiency. It's no wonder more and more people are standing up for their health and making the switch to height-adjustable workstations!

If standing while you work is weird, then maybe it's time to add a bit of Austin-friendly weirdness to your workday. Take a stand for your health and check out an UPLIFT Desk today!

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