Making Your World Simpler: The Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

Making Your World Simpler: The Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 17th 2012

If you've looked at some of our chair pages recently, you may have noticed that we have started including short videos about our products along with the pictures at the top of the pages. This way, you have a chance to see the chair features in action.

 have had the chance to do video reviews of several chairs, including one of my favorite chairs, the Humanscale Diffrient World Chair. We have an in-depth review of the Diffrient World Chair on our blog, and we now have a video about it (which you can stream above), but I’d like to take the opportunity to highlight some of the features that I think make the World chair so great.

  • The Self-adjusting Recline:

With most chair adjustments, like seat height, or depth, it’s pretty obvious to me when I’ve got it in the right place, but adjusting the tilt tension of a chair, quite frankly, can be a bit confusing. I don’t know exactly how much tension I need, and it is one of those adjustments that I find I have to keep playing with in order to find the correct setting. Even then, I’m not always sure I’ve got it right. The World Chair eliminates the guesswork from that adjustment, with its mechanism-free, weight-sensitive design, which increases or decreases tension based on the user’s body weight.

  • The Unique Mesh Backrest:

The World chair features a mesh back, like a lot of task chairs do for breathability, but the back on the World chair is a little different, with a tri-panel design made out of a non-stretch mesh, with seams designed to mimic those on a tailored shirt. The backrest also features a pivoting design, which allows the backrest to automatically adjust as you move. The mesh is incredibly supportive, and because of the pivoting backrest, when I’m sitting straight up, I feel support where I need it, and when I lean back, it automatically adjusts the support to my lower back. I never have to make a manual adjustment; I don’t even have to think about it.

There are plenty of other great things about the World chair, for example, it is incredibly light-weight, at only 26 lbs. You can order it with a mesh seat or a fabric seat, in a variety of colors, and there are minimal manual adjustments, including seat depth and height adjustability and adjustable armrests, which keep it simple to use while allowing the World chair to fit a wide range of users. See my video above to learn more about the World chair, and see it in action!

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