Monitor Arm Review: Innovative EVO II LCD Monitor Arm

Monitor Arm Review: Innovative EVO II LCD Monitor Arm

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 26th 2012

If you have ever worked in an office environment, you have probably fallen victim to the occasional pain in the neck, and I’m not talking about your co-worker next to you that sounds like they're angry at their keyboard when they type. For some, the pain and discomfort in their neck is real and can become chronic. Here at Human Solution, everyone has an ergonomic workstation setup, including one of the most essential components: monitor arms. One of our most popular and best selling arms is the Innovative EVO II LCD Monitor Arm.

What impresses me most about it is the ease with which it adjusts -- its "fingertip adjustability."

As you can see, the EVO II adjusts effortlessly to a max height of 20.1” above the desk surface, providing comfort for a wide range of users. Remember, is it recommended by Human Solution that your monitor be positioned at eye level and about 20” to 30” (or an arm’s length) away from where you are sitting. This positioning is best suited to reduce neck strain.

Featuring Innovative’s "Better Balance" mechanism, the EVO II offers full articulation. It's able to rotate a full 360 degrees, including a 90 degree tilt capability. The latter is especially important when setting your monitor to reduce any glares from lighting.

Another cool feature of the EVO II is that it allows you to switch from a landscape to portrait view in one simple motion. The monitor weight limit is just as versatile, supporting up to a 20-pound monitor. So no matter what type of work you do, the intuitive adjustability of the EVO II puts the power of complete customization literally at your fingertips.

The EVO II LCD Monitor Arm boasts an impressive design as well. In the modern workstation, functionality doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style, and the sleek design of the EVO II is available in chrome, silver or black, as well as white for all the Mac users out there. The integrated cable management system keeps your cables secure and out of sight, running them down the length of the arm so you won’t have a mess of wires throwing off the look of your workspace.

If this all sounds like a much-needed change from your current workstation setup, then you will be just as happy to learn the EVO II includes free shipping and usually ships within one business day. Installing the monitor arm is equally as quick and easy, with three different mounting options included -- desk edge clamp, grommet and bolt-through. You can have a new monitor solution at your fingertips in no time.

The Innovative EVO II LCD Monitor Arm can help you get on the path to a more ergonomic and pain-free work day. As for your co-worker with the heavy hands -- well, maybe you can subtly direct them to one of our low-impact keyboards.

Call us at 800-531-3746, email us or join us in live chat and one of our ergonomic experts will be happy to take care of you and (most) all of the pains in your neck.

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