More Monitors, Fewer Problems

More Monitors, Fewer Problems

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 8th 2014

The Humanscale M/Flex system can be easily configured to support up to six monitors on a single post thanks to a wide variety of arm and mount options.

One of the most difficult types of display configurations to accommodate with a monitor arm is the triple display setup. Although there are some monitor arms like the Innovative Switch Triple that are capable of supporting up to three 22" class displays, the recent proliferation of 24" class and larger monitors is simply a bit too big for many of the three screen monitor arms currently on the market. For users such as day traders and security personnel, there's also the issue of expandability - three monitors might be enough now, but the ability to expand out to four, five, or even six displays as needed is becoming less of a feature and more of a requirement.

Luckily, Humanscale and Knoll have stepped up to the plate with the Humanscale M/Flex Monitor Arm and Knoll Sapper Multiple Monitor Beam. Each system is easily expandable and can accommodate 24" or larger displays with ease. The Humanscale M/Flex Monitor Arm is available in a simple pre-configured three-display system that features two sets of twin 12" long folding links and a central fixed mount on a height-adjustable post, with each display attached to a flexible ball joint that allows for easy angle and rotation adjustment. This configuration allows for displays up to 24" to be set in a 3x1 configuration, all atop a single mount of your choice. The arms attach to a stackable pole system, which provides height adjustment for the system. Custom configurations are also available, letting you add shorter links, fingertip-adjustable arms, a second row of displays, and more!

Knoll's Sapper Multiple Monitor Beam also supports three displays in a 3x1 configuration, arranged on a sturdy crossbar that creates a "cockpit" effect, minimizing the eyestrain associated with using a triple monitor setup. The crossbar is offered in three sizes, with the medium crossbar supporting three 28" displays and the large model capable of holding screens up to 34.2" across. Each movement joint is also capable of holding displays weighing 20 lbs in a standard configuration, while Sapper 50 slides offer an increased weight capacity of 50 lbs per monitor, with a total weight capacity of up to 100 lbs across the beam. Like the M/Flex, the Sapper Multiple Monitor Beam is also expandable in custom configurations, with the largest configurations supporting an unprecedented eight monitors across two beams.

Mounting three big displays used to just result in one big headache, but with Humanscale's M/Flex Monitor Arm and Knoll's Sapper Multiple Monitor Beams, it's now easier than ever to mount three (or more!) displays all on a single system. Of course, if you still need help determining what monitor arm is best for your ever-growing office, drop us a line via phone, e-mail, or chat, and we'll be glad to help!

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