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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Promotes the Idea of a ‘Walking Workstation’

Author: Will M | Posted:

It seems we’ve got some more people on board with treadmill desks: the writers of CBS’s hit police procedural NCIS: Los Angeles. This week’s episode “Big Brother” finds character Marty Deeks espousing the virtues of his “walking workstation” and the “silent killer” that is your chair. Go straight to 1:35 in the episode to see his rather well-informed defense of his “thingamajig.” (For some of our more squeamish readers, please note there is a rather violent scene leading up to this if you wanted to skip ahead.)

Scoff all you want, LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell, but he’s done his homework. He must be a regular visitor to our blog, because he hits all of the points we’ve gone over again and again when it comes to the dangers of sitting and the virtues of a walking workstation. Sitting causes your muscles to rot, and exercise can’t reverse it. Walking reverses your risk of both heart disease and early death. And a steady 1.0 mile an hour pace will still allow you to get all your work done while getting you up out of that silent killer and walking.

So whether your nom préféré is treadmill desk or walking workstation, there’s no debating Deeks’s information. Though his use of a fixed height desk and laptop mount may not be the safest combination – we suggest setting it up with a full sit-stand desk for more support while walking since there are no handlebars on a desk treadmill.

Maybe you can convince your boss to set you up with one as well! Then, you too can confront your peanut gallery of co-workers with the stark realities of their sedentary lifestyle and put them in their place – or get them out of it and on board with walking at work.

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