New Moto and Rocket UPLIFT Desks!

New Moto and Rocket UPLIFT Desks!

Posted by Human Solution on Apr 1st 2016

Here at UPLIFT Desk, we're always on the cutting edge of technology. Because we design all our desks and accessories in-house, we can be first to the market with features like our rear-set C frame and power outlets built right into your desk. Today, we're excited to show you a few of the designs we're currently working on. They're sure to take your productivity to a whole new level

First on the drawing board is the UPLIFT Moto, inspired by the Segway tours happening daily in downtown Austin. Our proprietary counterbalance system adjusts to your weight and ensures stability as you navigate the city streets during a rolling meeting. If you set your monitor height to just a bit below eye level, you're able to easily view both your TPS reports and oncoming traffic. We do recommend a helmet.Next up is the UPLIFT Rocket, specifically designed for commuters. Those of us with long drives to and from work are well aware of the energy and productivity loss that comes from hours in the car. The obvious solution? Fly to work on your UPLIFT Rocket Desk. We're still working out some of the details on this one, but we'll get there. The main problems so far have been power lines, which seem to have a way of sneaking up on you and performing a classic Wrestlemania clothesline. We again suggest a helmet, and if possible, full-body armor.

If you work from home and don't need a desk you can take in traffic, we've still got you covered. The UPLIFT Terrace is perfect for sipping your morning coffee in the great outdoors. Now you can greet the new day while simultaneously catching up on your email. Sure, it may be simpler to just take your laptop outside, but many people use multiple monitors; what are they supposed to do? Now there is an outdoor solution for all workers. One hitch we have run into is the need for some kind of protective covering you can use overnight or on rainy days, but we'll get there. It's a process, people.

Finally, for you superheroes who work overtime and meet those deadlines, we present the UPLIFT Strato to take your workday to new heights. This bad boy has nine-stage legs; you assuredly will not find this with our competition, who top out at seven on a good day. If your nemesis flies in without warning to start in with his nonsense again, no worries. We've got a couple of state-of-the-art extra-heavy feet on this one, so the desk will remain stable through the tussle. We're also working on a very, very tall leaning stool in case you need a little break from hovering in mid air as you crank out your assignments.

Our new designs with move with you through your workday ups and downs and backs and forths. Stay tuned for release dates on these new models! has desks for April 1st and every day of the year.

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