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Opening Today: "The Intern," Starring Robert DeNiro and the Humanscale Liberty Chair

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

Robert DeNiro's new film, "The Intern," is garnering middling reviews, but one element of the movie that receives two thumbs up are the Humanscale Liberty chairs featured throughout the film's hip Brooklyn office. Anne Hathaway, the company's CEO, zips through the office on a stylish vintage bicycle, but still understands the need for her employees to sit comfortably. What a wonderful boss! I bet she even sprung for the height adjustable arms and gel seat cushion.

DeNiro plays a 70-year-old intern; surely those old bones benefit from the Liberty's flexible mesh back and integrated lumbar support. No doubt the younger workers appreciate those features as well, in addition to the self-adjusting back recline system and sleek design. I feel comfortable just watching the trailer.

I'm a little disappointed that they didn't get the memo on height adjustable desks. But judging from the movie stills, it looks like the characters do a good deal of walking and tai chi in Central Park, so that's good. As we all know, you've got to get out of that chair for at least 15 minutes out of every hour.

Even though this office is in a cool Brooklyn loft filled with beautiful people and natural sunlight, I will stick with my treadmill desk!

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