Five Ways to Improve the Ergonomics of This Year's Oscar-Nominated Films

Five Ways to Improve the Ergonomics of This Year's Oscar-Nominated Films

Posted by Will M on Feb 22nd 2013

It’s Oscar time again this Sunday, and, while there is no shortage of great acting, writing and filmmaking, there is a discouraging shortage of ergonomics in this year’s field of candidates. Well, we here at Human Solution are here to point out the Top Five most egregious offenders out of the Best Picture nominees, and give some quick and easy solutions to making their cast of characters a little more comfortable.

1. Zero Dark Thirty – Sure, there was a scene where you caught a brief glimpse of Hollywood’s favorite ergo chair, the Humanscale Freedom Chair, but the film’s controversial first third was distinctly lacking in comfort. Why not let the detainees try out a Freedom Chair as well? They might get so comfortable they just spill the beans, and save you a moral dilemma in the process!

2. Lincoln – Debating the 13th Amendment at the tail end of the Civil War is uncomfortable enough, but the setup of the 1865 House of Representatives didn’t make things any easier. Sure, it would have been historically anachronistic, but why not celebrate liberty by outfitting the hall with Humanscale Liberty Chairs? Oscar loves obvious symbolism, and rarely punishes historical inaccuracy. Liberty Chairs make great ergonomic conference room chairs for a full fit-out, and will fit anyone from George Yeaman to Thaddeus Stevens.

3. Les Misérables – Any movie whose title roughly translates to The Miserable Ones set in 19th Century France is going to be slight on ergonomics, and Tom Hooper’s literally in-your-face direction decisions, for good or ill, make the misery palpable. What products of ours couldn’t improve these peoples’ lives? Of course, when you’re stealing bread to survive, you may want to stick with our budget chairs, and wait until you become mayor under a new identity to upgrade to the BodyBilt. Either way you’ll be much less miserable.

4. Silver Linings Playbook – Bradley Cooper spent a good portion of the movie jogging, but much of his time was also spent in his room writing letters and being frustrated by A Farewell to Arms. If he was tired of being jog-stalked by Jennifer Lawrence, he could always have outfitted his parents’ house with a Treadmill Desk and just spent the whole movie locked away with his thoughts of betrayal and lost love while still keeping up his workout regimen. I’m sure that ending would have tested well with audiences.

5. Argo – There’s nothing Hollywood loves more than a movie in which Hollywood helps to save lives. But while our government was spending money setting up bogus movie studios and productions, why not spend a little more and have Ben Affleck’s character smuggle in some mesh Ergohumans as well? Tehran can get a little warm, and hiding out in a Canadian ambassador’s home all day can get pretty uncomfortable. If Ben Affleck can be Hispanic, why can’t Ergohumans exist in 1979? It’s called creative license.

Of course, all of the nominees could stand to be a little more ergonomic. I’m sure you could too. Ask the experts how we can help by emailing or calling us at 800-531-3746.

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