Premium Bamboo Desks: Not Just for High Class Pandas

Premium Bamboo Desks: Not Just for High Class Pandas

Posted by Will M on Apr 8th 2013

When I first heard the next big desktop material for our height adjustable desks was bamboo, I have to say I wasn’t that excited. I pictured a raft sitting on top of our standing desk legs held together with strings. I realize we are the go-to guys for budget standing desks, but bamboo? That’s panda food, man.

When I was told, no, this is “premium” bamboo. Oh, OK. This is the good stuff. The kind only high class pandas eat in fancy zoos. I still couldn’t picture it on top of one of our sleek-looking UPLIFT bases. Then we got samples of it in here. And it turns out, premium almost doesn’t do it justice. This may be my favorite of all the natural wood tops we have available.

The 1.5-inch thick bamboo desktop is extremely durable, and the strand surface and vertical traditional bamboo core give the edge a unique look that rivals our bark edge Texas native wood desktops for edge character. These tops on these bamboo standing desks are incredibly hard and sturdy – a far cry from the panda meal I had envisioned. They also feature an eco-friendly formaldehyde-free adhesive to bond the wood together, if sustainability is your thing.

We’ve got these tops currently available as an option on our UPLIFT models, including our new UPLIFT 900 standing desks legs. It’s an especially good option for those looking for a larger real wood desk, as these bamboo desktops can be ordered as big as eight feet wide on our two-leg bases. We can cut custom sizes as well, so feel free to contact an expert here if there’s a size you don’t see.

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