Quality Ergonomic Products With An Emphasis on Style

Quality Ergonomic Products With An Emphasis on Style

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 21st 2010

As a designer for many years I have a strong appreciation for quality aesthetics. When it comes to the world of ergonomics, I am greatly appreciative to see that more and more companies in this industry are starting to embrace the importance of both form and function. By definition, an ergonomic product needs to be highly configurable to its users needs. An emphasis on functionality and a base in engineering must come first for a product to be considered truly ergonomic. But that isn’t stopping everyone from considering how to make these types of products that work so well with our bodies truly beautiful to behold.

The Steelcase Leap Chair is an excellent example of commitment to quality design. As an ergonomic chair, it offers Liveback Technology which allows the chair to adjust dynamically, mimicking the movement of your spine. Highly adjustable arms move in and out, forward and back, up and down and pivot, so you can find the exact position for optimal support and comfort. Additionally, the natural glide system allows the seat to glide forward as you recline without leaving your optimal vision and reach zone. With its clean lines, contrasting metals and vibrant fabric options such as Buzz Celery and Cogent Connect BlueJay, this chair is certain to compliment your workspace as well as your body’s dynamic movements. Also worth noting is that the Leap chair is 98% recyclable by weight and may be constructed of up to 30% recycled materials.

The Humanscale Liberty Chair has an extremely beautiful organic styling with dramatic swooping lines, a very cleanly designed mesh backrest and contrasting base options with detailed accents and uniquely stylish wheels. As an ergonomic chair it also offers a patented counterbalance mechanism which provides exactly the right amount of support throughout the full range of the recline motion. The tri-panel, non-stretch seat back creates body-fitting contours, and the unique adjustable arms lower down to the seat cushion and out of the way while working at a desk or on a keyboard tray.

Another great product is the Humanscale FM500 Foot Rest with its minimal design. It promotes increased circulation in the legs, encouraging a gentle rocking of the feet in the same way a rocking chair encourages movement. This footrest is available in both black or cherry woods accented with brushed aluminum, certain to offer both bodily comfort and style to your workspace. This excellent design is also 99% recyclable.

And finally, we are very excited to be offering the Smartfish ErgoMotion at Human Solution in just a few short weeks. This keyboard features a patented motion system that studies your typing frequency and subtly changes your hand and wrist position while you work. A truly new and unique advent to the world of ergonomic keyboards. With it’s fluid design and well placed LED lights, this ergonomic keyboard is being offered in both solid black and black with platinum keys. It is very nice to see that peripherals aren’t being left behind as the world of ergonomics considers how to offer its wonderful functionality in equally beautiful packaging.

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