Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' 3-Drawer File Cabinet, Rolling!

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' 3-Drawer File Cabinet, Rolling!

Posted by Tyler Reinhardt on Dec 5th 2017

Storage Wars! No not the A&E show. This isn’t the guilty pleasure TV blog. I’m talking about the battle between literally hundreds of brands who produce storage products like drawers and filing cabinets. A quick perusal of any retailer specializing in office furniture will show you that when it comes to places to put your junk, as well as important work-related things, there is no shortage of options. Really the challenge is finding one that holds all of your stuff and matches all of the other stuff in your office. Thankfully UPLIFT’s new 3-Drawer File Cabinet, Rolling not only has a fantastic amount of storage space, it also comes in a couple of different color options that’ll fit pretty much any office.

What features set this filing cabinet apart from the other options you’ve no doubt come across in your search for a hidey hole? Well for starters, it has three drawers. That’s one whole drawer more than the two drawer file cabinets and an impressive two more than single drawer models. Just think of the possibilities! It gets better though. The top two drawers can be outfitted with a tray for organization. The tray has six compartments. One rather large rectangular one and five smaller rectangular ones of various sizes. Outfit a drawer with it and you can organize your pens, pencils, sticky notes, staplers, stress gerbils...whatever! You can also opt not to use the tray in which case you have two comfortably spacious drawers in addition to your large file drawer. Speaking of the file drawer, it has its own optional accessory in the form of the hanging folder bar. Much like the tray, the hanging folder bar helps to organize your files and it works on either letter-size folders or legal-size hanging folders. The trick is that in order for it to work on either you have to hang to bar correctly. Letter-size folders will fit with the bar running from right to left and the legal size folders will fit with the bar hanging from front to back. Finally, your 3-Drawer File Cabinet comes with a set of four casters upon which you can sit and roll it around all sorts of places like a little cart full of joy. Or labor. It depends on your perspective. You can also lock the drawers to keep your co-workers out or lock the files in.

As previously mentioned, you can get this file cabinet in either black or white and as a stand-alone product or as additional storage with your UPLIFT Height Adjustable Desk. Use it to file away your hopes and dreams while you stand. In the meantime, if you’re curious about other helpful office accouterment please give us a call at 800-531-3746 and we’ll be happy to show you a collection of helpful office products to pump up your productivity!

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