Start With a Standing Desk for a Complete Ergonomic Workstation

Start With a Standing Desk for a Complete Ergonomic Workstation

Posted by Human Solution on Aug 12th 2013

When you’re looking to put together a complete ergonomic workstation, make sure you look for the following important items: An adjustable height standing desk, a keyboard tray, monitor arm, CPU holder, and an ergonomic chair.

Human Solution’s chief certified ergonomist recommends the items listed above when creating an ergonomic working environment, since it’s the best way to stay comfortable all day, every day while you’re working at your desk.

An adjustable standing desk, also called a sit-stand desk, allows you to go from a sitting to a standing position, which keeps you active and promotes good posture. Standing while you work – we recommend standing for at least fifteen minutes every hour during a standard 8-hour workday – has been proven to help people burn more calories, improve circulation, and increase energy and focus. Standing also alleviates loads on the spine while sitting, leading to a healthier back. Combat the dreaded sitting disease and rise up with a standing desk! (Learn more about the many health benefits of using an adjustable height desk.)

But don’t stop there – an ergonomic desk works best when paired with a keyboard tray and an adjustable monitor arm. Keyboard trays allow you to place your keyboard and mouse in the area that will cause you the least amount of strain while working – in your lap. Keyboard trays bring your computer input devices closer to your body, allowing you to remain in a relaxed position while working instead of straining your hands, arms, shoulders, neck and more. The ergonomic keyboard trays we offer at Human Solution are completely adjustable, and they pair quite well with our adjustable height desks, so you can use them while you’re sitting or standing. (Learn more about keyboard trays with this great keyboard tray video.)

Now let’s talk monitor arms. Ergonomic monitor arms are essential for getting your monitors at a healthy and comfortable eye level. You shouldn’t be tilting your head down when looking at your monitor. Tilting your head or straining your neck and eyes to look at a monitor for several hours every day can cause a number of problems, including long-term neck and shoulder pain. An adjustable monitor arm allows your monitor to float above your desk, and it makes it easy to keep your monitor (or multiple monitors) at eye level whether you’re sitting or standing. They also help unclutter your desk space, and they look pretty cool too. The best monitor arms we offer are fingertip adjustable, which means you can move them in any direction without much effort.

To recap, a standing desk works best when used with a keyboard tray and monitor arm, that way you’ll always be in a healthy and comfortable position while working. And if you’re working on an adjustable height desk, you should also considering using a CPU holder, which lifts your CPU off the ground and stows it safely under your desktop.

And to complete your ergonomic workstation, you’ll want to nab an ergonomic chair. A good ergonomic chair should offer lumbar support and be adjustable to fit your body. You can learn more about what makes a chair ergonomic on our blog or give us a call at 800-531-3746 to learn more about ergonomic chairs and setting up an ergonomic office.

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