Study: Sitting Less Adds Years To Your Life

Study: Sitting Less Adds Years To Your Life

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 24th 2012

Reducing the amount of time you spend sitting down can increase your life expectancy, according to a new study.

Here at Human Solution, we’ve informed you about the dangers of sitting all day and how standing for part of your day can help you live longer. We’re happy to bring you the latest info about the benefits of standing more and sitting less, based on research done by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, La.

Researchers have found that you can increase your life expectancy by two years if you reduce the average time you spend sitting to less than three hours a day. The study found that you can also add 1.4 years to your life by watching less than 2 hours of TV a day (watching TV is considered a sedentary activity).

We all know that smoking and obesity are strong risk factors, and the latest research, according to the study, “"elevates sedentary behavior as an important risk factor, similar to smoking and obesity.” You read that right – sitting all day can be just as dangerous and unhealthy as obesity and smoking two packs a day.

Here’s another shocking finding the study revealed: Sitting for long periods every day is also thought to be the cause of more than 170,000 cases of cancer each year.

So how do you combat the risks associated with sitting and sedentary behavior? Peter Katzmarzyk, one of the researchers involved in the Pennington study, recommends using a standing desk, or an adjustable height desk.

Adjustable height desks promote a healthier lifestyle, especially for those who spend hours working at a desk every day. Human Solution’s most popular adjustable height desks allow users to go from a sitting to a standing position with the push of a button. Not only do they promote better posture, combat obesity, help you increase your energy level, and improve your blood flow, it’s now proven that our electric adjustable height desks can help add years to your life.

For health conscious people on a budget, we recommend taking a look at our Budget Adjustable Height Desk.

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