Take a Break!

Take a Break!

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 3rd 2010

We like our chairs. No, we love our chairs. The lines of ergonomic office chairs we sell help our customers overcome many different pain problems and be more productive and happy at work. Our ergonomic chairs are engineered with a variety of advanced features that make them some of the best on the market. Still, even the best office chair is not made to be sat in constantly, or rather the human body is not made to sit in it.

A major part of feeling good in the office does not involve any special equipment or techniques. It is simply making sure you stop what you are doing every once in a while and move around a bit. Stand up. Take a walk. Stretch. These activities do some important things for your body. First, they unfocus your eyes on your computer screen or whatever you are working on. Eye strain can lead to discomfort, headache or inability to focus in time. Second, they take your body out of the seated position temporarily. Even the best ergonomic office chair, that puts your body in a neutral position and gives great support, is not made to be sat in non-stop. Pressure points develop on your body and your joints and spine are strained simply from staying in one position too long. Finally, a little motion increases blood circulation, making you more alert and productive.

So work hard, stay in proper position and come to us for chairs, keyboard trays, flat panel monitor arms and your other ergonomic office equipment needs. But no matter what you do, make sure you give your body a break every couple hours in the work day.

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