The THS 2013 Ergo Gift Guide - Ergonomic Gift Ideas for Travelers

The THS 2013 Ergo Gift Guide - Ergonomic Gift Ideas for Travelers

Posted by Human Solution on Dec 5th 2013

By the time you've read this, I'll likely be Vegas-bound for the 2013 Las Vegas International Ergo Expo. As with any business trip, this means that I spent quite a bit of time packing all sorts of things into my suitcase. Nice clothes, dress shoes, a toiletry bag, my tablet...with all the stuff I'm trying to stuff into my carry-on, is there any room for ergonomic accessories?

Of course there are! Here's a few ergonomic gift ideas that will make working comfortable and convenient whether they're at a hotel, in the office, or at 36,000 feet.

Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard GTP-0044W

Being hunched over a laptop keyboard at an uncomfortable hotel room desk is unfortunately a common situation for the traveling worker. Worse yet, with more and more people trading in their laptops for tablets like the Microsoft Surface or iPad Air, some people are now finding themselves grappling with their tablet's on-screen keyboard, which leads to even more painful wrist strain.

The Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard (pictured above) packs in all the flexibility and functionality of its larger cousin, the Goldtouch V2 Keyboard, while still being lightweight and compact enough to easily fit into your briefcase or carry-on luggage. The unique design allows for the same tilt and splay adjustments that Goldtouch ergonomic keyboards are known for, but is also able to fold nearly in half for storage. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and more, the Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is a great jack-of-all-trades keyboard for the road warrior with multiple devices.

Mousetrapper Flexible Mouse

Designed to offer comfortable and intuitive mousing on the go, the Mousetrapper Flexible Mouse offers a perfect yin to the Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard's yang.

This wireless mouse features nine programmable buttons and a laptop-style touchpad for convenient mousing. A soft-touch surface that features tactile feedback during cursor movement and clicking helps to eliminate the repetitive stress pains associated with gripping and clicking on traditional mice or trackpads. The slim profile of the Mousetrapper Flexible also makes it just as portable as the Goldtouch Go!2 keyboard, and a soft neoprene case protects your mouse when not in use.

Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook Stand GTLS-0055

Finally, while there's a wide array of available notebook and tablet stands for various applications, the Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook Stand GTLS-0055 is specifically designed to support laptops up to 17" wide. Five different angle positions allow for comfortable viewing, while the strong-but-lightweight aluminum material ensures reliable support for even the heaviest laptops.

When not in use, the stand folds flat and stows away in a small neoprene sleeve that can also double as a mousepad. If saving prime real estate in your carry on luggage is a must, so is this travel stand.

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