The UPLIFT CPU Holder: More Awesome Than You Can Imagine

The UPLIFT CPU Holder: More Awesome Than You Can Imagine

Posted by Daniel F on May 13th 2014

When I hear the word “holder” describing anything, the first thing I imagine a cup holder in a car. Sure, it can hold my drink, but it’s probably not adjustable to every cup size. Plus odds are, if I have to brake quickly, I’m going to spill my coffee.

However, not all "holders" are created equal. Take the UPLIFT CPU Holder! It is so much more that a “cup holder” for your computer.

First off, the UPLIFT CPU Holder has a wide range of adjustability. It can handle pretty much any size of computer tower. With accommodations for 3.75” to 8.25” width and 12” to 20.5” height, it doesn't matter if you have a small, sleek personal office computer or a hulking gaming unit, and with a weight capacity of up 50 pounds, it shouldn't have a problem handling any computer made since the early 90s.

In fact, there are a ton of advantages to having using a computer holder with a sit-stand desk. It increases leg space, limits the amount of cord movement when raising and lowering the desk, and gets the computer off the ground which lowers the amount of dust build-up (and hair build-up, if you have pets like I do). But the benefits don’t stop there.

My favorite part about the UPLIFT CPU Holder is that it can easily swivel a full 360 degrees. Having a computer attached to the bottom of a desk makes it infinitely more accessible and easier to work on. Gone are the days of climbing over everything on top of my desk, or crawling around underneath it, just because I needed to check my connections, or switch out my mouse, keyboard, or speakers! Now, it’s as easy as raising my desk and spinning the computer around.

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