They've Adapted: UPLIFT's new Desk Converter

They've Adapted: UPLIFT's new Desk Converter

Posted by Tyler R on Nov 3rd 2016

The UPLIFT Adapt Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter is here with a fresh new design, and it is glorious. Glorious for those of you looking for a quick and easy sit-to-stand work space solution, and glorious for us because we get to spread joy to the masses by giving you the tools to make your 9-5 into a 9-fabulous. The jokes aren’t going to get any better, folks, but with the UPLIFT Adapt, your comfort will.

The UPLIFT Adapt Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter features a brand new design. How different you ask? Let’s elucidate. The original UPLIFT Adapt had a smaller keyboard tray. The newly updated design has a much larger one that is now 27” x 10.5”. There have also been some redesigns to the base.

The first generation had a keyboard tray component that would descend below the desk when the unit was lowered. We recognized that doesn't work for everyone, so with the redesign, you now have some options.The Adapt has two possible bases. One is freestanding and just sits on top of your desk. No hole drilling, no welding, no weird adhesives - just a weighted base holding up the rest of your unit. The other base has a clamp mount that clamps to the desk edge for stability with an extended keyboard tray.

Now if you are someone who likes the idea of having your keyboard positioned below the desk top, you’re going to want the clamp mounted version. The default configuration for the clamp mounted UPLIFT Adapt is ideal for having the best ergonomic height when sitting. However, we find that some people like having their keyboard tray higher up (level with the desktop) and for that configuration, the clamp model of the UPLIFT Adapt includes a shorter vertical connector. All you have to do is switch it out with the longer one. Those of you that were smitten with the freestanding version will have your keyboard tray configured to lower to the desktop surface, but the freestanding mount does not have the option to go lower than that due to physics and our desire to maintain maximum stability.

With the arrival of our improved UPLIFT Adapt, the masses of office workers shackled to their 1980’s desk setups now have an option for a sit-stand solution that helps with a healthier and more productive work day. Your employer can keep their poor furniture choices, and you can upgrade to something a little more “present day”. It's a win-win for everybody.

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