Toby from Photo Recommendations Recommends the UPLIFT Desk!

Toby from Photo Recommendations Recommends the UPLIFT Desk!

Posted by Will M on Apr 6th 2015

We’ve noticed lately here at Human Solution one group in particular that has started to really embrace the idea of going from sitting to standing at work with our UPLIFT Desk, and that’s creative types. More and more, you’ll find our desks in the offices of editors, photographers, artists, etc. The main reason? People in these professions spend hours and hours behind a desk creating and editing, which of course can take its toll on your health and productivity.

Toby over at is a photographer who provides helpful product reviews and advice to other photographers, and is also a recent UPLIFT Desk convert. Watch the video above to see his UPLIFT Desk and accessories in action and hear how having sit-stand adjustment at the touch of a button has helped him.

As he points out, while many try the DIY route, the time it takes to convert your workstation from sitting to standing with books and boxes is inefficient. We’ve found that anything that makes changing your position a burden means you won’t do it as often; being able to adjust in a few seconds makes you much more likely to go from sitting to standing more frequently.

Instead of begrudgingly stacking whatever you have lying around on top of your desk to stand, why not completely convert your workstation for quick and easy adjustment in seconds whenever you need it? You’ll be “grinning like a kid” like Toby every time you push the button.

Find out for yourself why everyone loves the UPLFIT Desk at

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