Top 5 Ergonomic Items for the Home

Top 5 Ergonomic Items for the Home

Posted by Daniel F on Jul 30th 2014

Working at Human Solution gives me the opportunity to use the latest and greatest ergonomic products we have available. Having a great ergonomic setup at work is certainly very important, but it’s easy to forget that ergonomics are important at home too.

Last night I took a moment to really appreciate just how much work I have to do to get my home situation as ergonomically correct as my workstation. I even took the time to put together a wish list Top 5 List for products we have here at Human Solution that I’d like to have at home.

UPLIFT 900 Sit Stand Desk Base - I have an old wooden desk that my dad bought in the 60’s. It sits in my room resting on its old folding wooden legs, just begging for some new life. I don’t really put much on it besides my computer and, much to the chagrin of my lovely girlfriend, my laundry on laundry days. I'm acutely aware of the benefits of standing while you work/play computer games, and, who knows, maybe if I could raise the desk while it’s doubling as a folding table, that laundry would spend less time there as well.

BodyBilt 3507 - I got the office chair that I have now from an old office building that was closing ten years ago, and that chair was already super old way back then. It doubles as a video game chair, and I spend way more time playing video games than any grown up should. Sure, years of sitting cross-legged on the floor craning my neck to look up at the TV screen have prepared me to power through a little numbness in my legs and backside, but I’m thinking that those days need to come to an end - the sooner the better! Personally, I love The BodyBilt 3507. It’d be like my recliner - except easier to get out of - and, if I fell asleep in it, I’d still be able to stand up straight the next day. My other favorites are the Nightingale CXO, and pretty much any of the Steelcase chairs.

UPLIFT CPU Holder - I have two giant German Shepherds, and everything they spend any amount of time around immediately becomes covered in dog hair. My current CPU sits on top of my desk because the last one that was sitting on the floor clogged up with hair and dust, which caused it to overheat and die. So on the floor is not an option. Also, it sure would be nice to have more space on my desk for work, play, and, well… folding laundry.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse - My first week here at Human Solution, I was given a left-handed Evoluent mouse. To be honest, at first, I thought to myself: “What is this funny looking thing?” But not only was it easy to adjust to, now that I’ve gotten used to the improved comfort level and the extra programmable buttons where I rest my thumb, a regular mouse just seems inferior.

Steelcase Dash LED Task Light - Wasabi - When I was in college, my mom bought me a lamp with a gold-colored base and a dark green glass shade that could be adjusted to direct the light. It served its purpose over the years, but it’s been a (very) long time since then. Now, the shade will randomly fall backwards, shining the light directly into my face as though I’m being interrogated. I’m due for an upgrade. On top of that, a quality task light can make it easier to focus in any work area. Also, it uses minimal desktop space and saves energy. I like the “Wasabi” color of this particular one because it kind of matches my flag football team colors. (Go Spaceballs!)

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