UPLIFT Gets a Shoutout on YouTube!

UPLIFT Gets a Shoutout on YouTube!

Posted by Human Solution on Mar 18th 2015

Matt Philie, known for his YouTube series "Pimp My Setup" recently made a video review of our UPLIFT 900 desk. Matt's videos focus on tips, tutorials, and tricks to improve people's setups while also reviewing products that help with working and gaming at home. His "Pimp My Setup" show is a fun series where viewers submit their setup to be critiqued by Matt and a special guest. In this video, Matt goes into detail about all the features our Uplift 900 desk offers, and presents his take on why our desk is awesome and what the reasons why the desk is a relevant purchase.

With his snappy style and funny presentation, Matt offers the take of someone relatively unfamiliar with ergonomic products, which is a great introduction to these desks, as they can feel intimidating and complicated. He mentions not knowing how he was going to feel about the desk at the onset, which is cool because he can break down his experience and explain why the desk was something he came to really appreciate. The way he discusses how the assembly and wire management processes were easy to follow can be reassuring to people worried about the hassle of putting a big desk together. Peppered with jokes, the video is a fun intro to our line, and yet another stellar endorsement of our brand. Check it out!

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