NBC's 'Allegiance' Features UPLIFT Standing Desks

NBC's 'Allegiance' Features UPLIFT Standing Desks

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 4th 2015

Did you catch the premiere of NBC’s buzzy new spy drama Allegiance? If you did, you might have noticed the rad standing desks and monitor arms that are used by some of the characters on the show. Those are no ordinary office supplies; that’s the UPLIFT 900 Standing Desk and the UPLIFT Monitor Arm in action!

Yes, even Russian sleeper agents know that sitting all day is terrible for your health. Standing for just a few hours per day at work can dramatically reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease, while improving your energy and helping you burn more calories per day! The scientific consensus is stronger than it has ever been: sitting all day is just not good for you. And whether you’re a Russian spy, a CIA analyst who happens to be the son of a Russian spy, or just someone who is tired of your old-fashioned traditional desk, the UPLIFT 900 is the best path to a healthier workday.

With a width-adjustable, heavy-duty desk base, over 2 feet of quick and quiet height adjustment, and dozens upon dozens of customization options for building the perfect workstation, the UPLIFT 900 is the standing desk for you! With glowing reviews from respected publications like Lifehacker and LA Times, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality desk on the market. And it doesn’t take a state-of-the-art surveillance system to know that the UPLIFT monitor arm is the perfect partner for the UPLIFT 900 desk. With fingertip adjustment over a wide range of height, depth, and lateral movement, the UPLIFT monitor arm will let you adjust your monitor independently from the desk for optimal ergonomic positioning.

Just because you have to work at a desk all day doesn't mean you have to make compromises with your health. Learn from the spies of Allegiance or any of the dozens of government organizations, public institutions, or multinational companies who have made the switch and upgrade your workday with an UPLIFT 900 today!

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