Uplifting the Best Gaming Setup-Ever!

Uplifting the Best Gaming Setup-Ever!

Posted by Tyler R on Apr 12th 2016

Video Gaming has been on the rise for years. Your mother may have told you that it was a waste of time but there’s a whole list of YouTube celebrities out there who have taken a fun escapist hobby and turned it into a lucrative career.

Enter Level Cap Gaming, a YouTube channel specializing in tips, tricks, and commentaries for video games that fall under the pretty self-explanatory genre of first person shooter. While this sounds like the greatest job ever, there are two sides to every coin. We haven’t quite gotten to the point where games are all virtual reality played on a treadmill pod so gaming requires a lot of sitting at your console or computer.

As studies have shown many times before, sitting for long periods of time can have all sorts of negative impacts on your health and ability to focus. If you’ve ever found yourself playing any game of any sort, you know that concentration can sometimes be the difference between sweet victory and agonizing defeat. So you may now be asking, “How do I take a hobby or career that is inherently sedentary, and make it less so?” If you’ve been reading our blog posts you probably know the answer.

Level Cap certainly figured it out, creating a very impressive gaming set up which very well may be the best PC gaming setup ever. Razer Keyboard, LED lights, Truss System, the works. And all of it is able to raise and lower thanks to UPLIFT Desk, allowing Level Cap to go from sitting to standing at the press of a button. It’s great for long hours spent gaming, relieving the strain sitting puts on the body and giving it a break while allowing individuals like Level Cap to continue doing what they do best.

So if you find yourself with soreness and difficulty concentrating due to your long hours of sitting, it may be time to add some movement to your routine and get a height adjustable sit-stand desk like the UPLIFT. With various options to choose from, all at a great price, you won’t have any trouble finding a desk to suit your needs!

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