What's Up with UPLIFT's Low Prices?

What's Up with UPLIFT's Low Prices?

Posted by Human Solution on May 30th 2014

UPLIFT leads the standing desk revolution!

We know standing desks are just hitting their stride in public awareness, and we are proud to have rolled out our UPLIFT Desks just as more people are realizing how useful height adjustable desks can be. We of course know that productivity and health are tied to staying active at work - so standing (or walking at a treadmill desk) while working makes all the difference! Our company believes no one should be stuck sitting upwards of 8 hours a day; this is why we do what we do - all the while striving to keep our prices affordable.

Many of our customers have asked why our prices, though, are so low for the quality of desks we sell. When you compare us to other desks out there, you'll likely find that our UPLIFT series offers some great features: a state of the art keypad (with 4 memory presets), a huge weight capacity (355-710lbs, depending on the model), and a removable crossbar design. These features help us present a line of desks that end up being superior to, or in equal stride with other retailers whose prices are significantly higher. So it's understandable that many people ask: "What's the catch?"

Our answer is this: with over 12 years of experience in the standing desk world, we have established industry-wide relationships with quality, cost-efficient component manufacturers. We have the privilege of offering accessible prices by streamlining production, eliminating middle men, and building our products in our plant. Our desks are assembled here in Austin, TX - they are just around the way from where I'm writing this blog post! And our parts are sourced both locally and globally.

All of us here love these desks (my own bias is towards our solid wood listing). We would love to talk to you about them - how they help us work, how you can find the desk that's right for your workspace, and how you can customize it to fit your body.

For more information on budget-friendly standing desks, visit us at TheHumanSolution.com, or give us a call at 800.531.3746.

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