When Ergonomic Products Won’t Work

When Ergonomic Products Won’t Work

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 17th 2010

Shocking revelation time: not every ergonomic product on the market on the market will effectively relieve your discomfort. In fact, not even every product Human Solution sells will relieve your discomfort. There are a couple reasons for this:

  1. There are no regulations on what constitutes an “ergonomic” product, so differences in quality are bound to exist in the marketplace
  2. Even among reputable products, such as those Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE), Jon Paulsen, has selected for our website, some products are simply not suitable for all users

Our low click force ergonomic mice like the Evoluent VM4 will not help someone who simply cannot click a mouse button. The advanced ergonomic back support on the Humanscale Freedom chair will do larger users no good if they feel too confined by the fairly slender spacing between its arms. The Workrite Banana Board will not help if the desk you try to mount it to has insufficient room. Ergonomic products are designed around human needs, and not every product can accommodate every user or workspace. So how do we overcome these challenges?

First, we carry a broad range of products in every category. By considering the needs of a diverse set of consumers, we do our best to make sure we offer something that will help. Whether you weigh 90 lbs, 500 lbs or anything in between, we can find the right chair for you.

Second, we maintain a thorough website with detailed product information. It is important to us that you have all the information you need to make correct decisions on your online purchases. Because of this we make sure that products are grouped together in helpful ways, searches are easy and accurate and product pages are as informative as possible.

Third, if you still have questions after perusing the website, our sales staff is 100% Ergonomist-trained. We understand ergonomic principles, and we know our product offering inside and out. It is a group of creative problem solvers that can assist in finding solutions to even complex pain problems. And if we get in over our heads, Jon is roughly 10 yds away at any given moment to give the advice of a CPE.

Unfortunately, not every “ergonomic” product on the market will work for you. Human Solution is here to help you find the ones that will, though.

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