Win a Free Steelcase Office Makeover from Human Solution!

Win a Free Steelcase Office Makeover from Human Solution!

Posted by Angela P on Jun 4th 2013

Ask anyone here, and we'll tell you that since we started working at Human Solution, we've started paying closer attention to chairs and office furniture in movies, TV shows, and in our daily errands. I was at my bank the other day and noticed that they were fully decked out with Steelcase Think Chairs and Details monitor arms, and I've noticed more Steelcase chairs in commercials and TV shows recently as well. Steelcase is definitely one of the brands that I see most often -- the design fits into most modern offices and the adjustability of the chairs means that they'll fit a wide range of body types, making them the perfect choice when buying chairs for a large group of people. The modern look and bright colors help create a fun, stylish workplace, and items like the Sit-to-Walkstation treadmill desk or the Buoy stool encourage you to get up and move during the day, helping you to stay healthy and active.

Does your office need a Steelcase makeover? Are you tired of your non-ergonomic office chair and your stationary desk that forces you to sit all day? Human Solution is coming to the rescue! We are giving away a complete Steelcase office to one lucky reader, and three others will receive a brand new Steelcase Amia chair. All you have to do is send a photo of your current office to us -- we'll randomly choose one entry to win a new office including a Sit-to-Walkstation treadmill desk, Leap chair, FYI monitor arm, Currency storage cabinet, Dash Mini lamp, Turnstone Campfire Paper Table, two Buoy chairs, a Slatwall with Stanchions for mounting, and a slatwall-mounted Pen and Pencil Cup and Letter Tray to keep your new desk organized. Three other entries will be chosen at random to win a Steelcase Amia chair. If you've been reading our blog posts and wishing that you could join the standing desk revolution, this is your lucky day. Official rules and entry details can be found on our contest page; just be sure to get your photo in before June 28!

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