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Armazing Memory Foam Arm Pads

item#: PRS112

Armazing Memory Foam Arm Pads can add cushioning and comfort to almost any chair instantly. The memory foam pads contour to your arm and elbows, easing pressure which can cause pain and injury. Armazing Memory Foam Arm Pads help maximize the benefits of proper ergonomics by increasing circulation in your arms.

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Armazing Memory Foam Arms Pads help to decrease pressure in your arms, resulting in proper blood flow and increased productivity. Help promote proper ciculation in peripheral muscles by adding these foam pads to your office or home chair.

Armazing Memory Foam Arm Pads Features

  • Includes two Armazing arm pads
  • Design offers snug fit and built-in lock
  • Prevents muscle cramps and aches
  • Fits any adjustable chair arm that measures from 6"-11" long

Armazing memory foam arm pads

Customer Reviews

Armazing Memory Foam Arm Pads
5 Stars based on 11 Review(s)
ruthanne wolf
5 Stars

armazing armrests
July 14, 2014
outstanding product!

5 Stars

Memory Foam Arm Pads
June 21, 2014
I have an Ulna nerve issue that is aggravated by hard arm pads. These are outstanding.

ruthanne wolf
5 Stars

armazing memory foam arm pads
May 19, 2014
they live up to their name... ARMAZING product that we frquently use during ergonomic evaluations. It's a quick solution/remedy and the price is amazing too!

5 Stars

Armazing are very good
April 27, 2014
Dispose sur un stellcase lets'b, ils ont remont la hauteur des accoudoirs et me donnent satisfaction

5 Stars

January 17, 2014
Good product.

5 Stars

these are awesome!
October 16, 2013
I just installed these pads on my gaming chair and they are AWESOME! extremely comfortable! easy to install!

5 Stars

Instant Relief
March 15, 2013
I had so much hope for these... I was not disappointed. I have been having problems with my elbows and forearms (especially on my mouse arm) being in agony from digging into my chair arm. These pads are phenomenal. Human Solution has not let me down - between the Evoluent Mouse and the Armazing Pads, being in IT might just end up not hurting :)

5 Stars

Arm Pads are great
January 8, 2013
These pads are great. Our employees love them. They are excellent at reducing pressure points on the elbow. They are also a good option for old chairs with arm rests that are worn or scratched.

Jeannie Curtis
5 Stars

gel arm pads
June 25, 2010
these are great, expecially if you lean on your elbows

5 Stars

Great pad
March 30, 2010
this pad is reducing the pressure on my arm. it's an effective, cheap solution for me.

Houston Businessman
3 Stars

Not much better than gel pads
February 28, 2010
I was thinking that these pads would be much softer/gentler than gel pads, but that's not really the case. No complaints otherwise.