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Ergotech iMac Freedom Arm

item#: ERT110

The Ergotech iMac Freedom Arm helps Mac users free up valuable desk space by securely mounting their monitor on an articulating arm. With this Mac monitor arm, you can easily adjust the position of your monitor for maximum comfort and visibility. The monitor arm for iMacs comes in two different varieties, the FDM-MAC-S01 for older iMacs or the FDM-HD-S01 for newer iMacs released after late 2012. Reduce desk clutter and increase your monitor flexibility with the Ergotech iMac Freedom Arm.

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There are two models of Ergotech iMac Freedom Arm available, depending on the age of your iMac. If you own an iMac that was released before late 2012, the FDM-MAC-S01 is compatible with your computer. If you bought one after late 2012, the FDM-HD-S01 is compatible, however your computer must have the built-in VESA mount and not the stand. This arm is not compatible with newer models that have the permanently attached stand. See the table below to decide which model is right for your Mac:

27" iMac Late 2009, mid 2010, and early 2012 FDM-MAC-S01
20" iMac Early 2008 - late 2009 FDM-MAC-S01
27" iMac Late 2012 - present FDM-HD-S01
21.5" iMac Late 2009, mid 2010, and early 2012 FDM-MAC-S01
21.5" iMac* Late 2012 - present FDM-HD-S01
24" iMac Early 2008 - late 2009 FDM-MAC-S01
27" Thunderbolt Display 2011-present FDM-MAC-S01
27" LED Cinema Display 2008 - 2010 FDM-MAC-S01
24" LED Cinema Display 2008 - 2010 FDM-MAC-S01

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The Ergotech iMac Freedom Arm comes standard with a clamp mount that attaches to the back of your desk. It can also be ordered with a black grommet mount for mounting the arm using a grommet hole.

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The Ergotech iMac Freedom Arm is the perfect purchase for iMac owners looking to increase their desk space and improve their ergonomic set-up. With a full range of motion, including tilting, panning, and 360 degree rotation, this iMac monitor arm gives you total control over your computer's positioning. Additionally, adjustments can be made with one hand, for easy movement around your space. With a Mac-compatible monitor arm, you can clear your desk of monitors and cables and create maximize your workspace. The Ergotech iMac Freedom Arm comes in two different models to accommodate you whether you have an older iMacs and newer ones (the newer iMac must have been purchased with the built-in VESA plate and not the permanently attached stand). Clear clutter and wires off your desk with the Ergotech iMac Freedom Arm.

Features - Ergotech iMac Freedom Arm

  • 360 degree rotation
  • Compatible with most Apple iMac and Thunderbolt/Cinema displays
  • Different models compatible with both old and new iMacs
  • Silver finish
  • Available in desk clamp or grommet mount (grommet mount available in black only)
  • Includes adapter plate or VESA plate for iMac®

Ergotech iMac Freedom Arm Specifications

Height adjustment 14''
Extension range 26.7''
Tilt range 135 degrees (90 degrees up or 45 degrees down)
Pan 180 degrees
Weight capacity 20-30.8 lbs
Warranty 3 years

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

The Ergotech iMac Freedom Arm is a great ergonomic Mac monitor arm for users who want additional flexibility and extra space at their workspace. In order to reduce eye and neck strain, make sure you have your monitor at approximately an arm’s length away, with the top of the monitor tilted slightly away from you.

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Ergotech iMac Freedom Arm

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