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UPLIFT 700 Solid Wood Electric Sit-Stand Desk - Design Your Own (Silver)

item#: UPL725

The UPLIFT 700 Solid Wood Electric Sit-Stand Desk offer a one-of-a-kind, high-quality adjustable height desk solution. The UPLIFT 700 with silver base is part of the UPLIFT ergonomic desk line recommended by The Human Solution. This unique solid wood desk offers a slim and sturdy two-leg base with no crossbar and a real wood top. The UPLIFT desk's strong steel legs and individual mounting plates support the thick wood desktop with ease, and the electric motor raises the desk from 27.5" to 47.5" with the push of a button. The base features a 225 lb lifting capacity. Choose from several natural real wood top options and add the optional memory keypad with digital height display for programmable heights.

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The UPLIFT 700 Solid Wood Electric Sit-Stand Desk, available with a silver base, is part of the preferred ergonomic desk series recommended by The Human Solution. The UPLIFT 700 base offers a sleek and sturdy build and a convenient crossbar-free design for easy installation of the real wood desktop. The desk legs feature a lifting capacity of 225 pounds, and the electric motor provides infinite stop positions. The UPLIFT 700 Solid Wood Sit-Stand Desk allows users to take advantage of the many benefits of an adjustable height workstation, including increased energy, more calories burned throughout the workday, better focus and mental clarity, increased blood flow and respiration, and healthier posture.

The UPLIFT 700 real wood desktops are handcrafted using eco-friendly methods. Our woodworkers are among the best in Texas, and the high-quality desktops are all one-of-a-kind and feature the natural beauty, nuances and character of the original wood stock.

Features - UPLIFT 700 Solid Wood Electric Sit-Stand Desk

  • Crossbar-free design allows for easy, custom installation of wood top and easy keyboard tray installation
  • Height range of 27.5 inches to 47.5 inches, including wood desktop
  • Unique solid wood tops are hand-crafted using eco-friendly methods paired with sustainable materials
  • Slim and sturdy steel desk base provides 225 lbs of lifting capacity
  • Electric motor adjustment provides infinite stop positions
  • Height adjustment is smooth and quiet
  • Sit-stand desks promote activity, energy and alertness throughout the workday
  • Foot length is 22" long x 2.75" wide. It is recommended that your desktop be at least 22" deep so the feet will not protrude.

UPLIFT 700 Solid Wood Electric Sit-Stand Desk Specifications
    Height range including desktop thickness 27.5" - 47.5"
    Travel speed 2"/second
    Weight capacity 225 lbs
    Desktop weight Alder: 4 lbs/sq ft
    Ash: 7 lbs/sq ft
    Cedar: 4.4 lbs/sq ft
    Natural Maple: 8.1 lbs/sq ft
    Cherry: 5.3 lbs/sq ft
    Mesquite: 8 lbs/sq ft
    Walnut: 5.6 lbs/sq ft
    Premium Bamboo: 6.1 lbs/sq ft
    Pecan: 9.3 lbs/sq ft
    White Oak: 7 lbs/sq ft
    Warranty 2 years on motor, 5 years on desk frame

    Have You Seen the UPLIFT 920?

    If you are looking for a crossbar-free desk base to install with a top that is 43" or larger, you might want to consider the UPLIFT 920 Electric Sit-Stand No-Crossbar Desk Base. As you can see from the image below, the UPLIFT 920 desk leg offers a longer bracket, for better support and an increased weight capacity, as well as the same compatibility with a keyboard tray that has a track long enough to completely stow under the desk.

    Comparison Between Legs

    In addition, the UPLIFT 920 offers an increased height range and is available at a lower price. However, not every desk is wide enough to fit on an UPLIFT 920 base. If you are using a desktop smaller than 43" wide, we recommend an UPLIFT 700 base, since the leg bracket is much smaller and will allow users with smaller desk tops to still mount a keyboard tray with a longer track.

    Video Review - UPLIFT 700 Solid Wood Electric Sit-Stand Desk

    Check out our video review of the UPLIFT 700 Solid Wood Desk below.

    Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

    Access the many health benefits of a height-adjustable workstation with the UPLIFT 700 Solid Wood Electric Sit-Stand Desk. Several studies have shown that varying your work position from sitting to standing throughout the day can increase your energy level, improve focus, help reduce back pain, and even help you burn 40% more calories. Our UPLIFT desk series offers these health benefits in an attractive, easy-to-install, high-quality packages. These one-of-a-kind desks are slim but strong, and they're available with unique real wood tops made in Texas.

    Customer Reviews

    UPLIFT 700 Solid Wood Electric Sit-Stand Desk - Design Your Own (Silver)
    5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
    5 Stars

    I love my desk
    May 13, 2013
    My desk is not only beautiful, it is keeping me healthy. I love being able to vary standing and sitting at the touch of a button! Super strong, super easy, super beautiful.