A Look at The UPLIFT CPU Holder and UPLIFT Standing Desk Accessories

A Look at The UPLIFT CPU Holder and UPLIFT Standing Desk Accessories

Posted by Pete A on Feb 12th 2014

Things have gotten pretty busy here at Human Solution with the rising popularity of UPLIFT height adjustable standing desks. UPLIFT doesn't stop there though, as we have been expanding our flagship UPLIFT brand to offer other key standing desk accessories to achieve a truly ergonomic sit-stand workstation. Take the UPLIFT Large Keyboard Tray for instance.

You get all the great features you would get with a top of the line system: easy lift and height adjustment, negative tilt adjustment, swivel capability, and comes standard with a wrist rest and mouse pad, all for about half the price! You would think after releasing these two great items one would need to take a break from innovation, but CEO Jon Paulsen does not believe in apathy - or buying toilet paper (yes, we have to bring it from home).

CPU holders are a great add-on to any desk, saving space and creating mobility. When added to a sit-to-stand desk, it ensures that the CPU moves with the desk, so as to not stretch or pull wires and cables, and the UPLIFT CPU Holder has fantastic features at a great value. It consists of a powder coated steel frame which can securely hold up to 50 lbs of weight.

The sturdy design adjusts to fit CPUs anywhere from 3.75" to 8.25" wide and 12" to 20.5" high. It moves with ease on a 16" track, so you can easily push or pull the CPU closer to you, as well as swivel 360 degrees for easy access to USB ports. Economically priced, and backed by a 5 year warranty, the UPLIFT CPU Holder can definitely hold its weight compared to other top of the line brands.

UPLIFT also offers monitor arms, standing desk mats and other essential sit-to-stand workstation accessories.

Visit TheHumanSolution.com or call us at 800-531-3746 to speak with an ergonomic expert about CPU holders or any other height-adjustable standing desk accessories.

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